Home Real Estate Windsor Run – Learn How You Can Be a Part of This New Community

Windsor Run – Learn How You Can Be a Part of This New Community

Windsor Run – Learn How You Can Be a Part of This New Community

by Kelly A. Shue ~

Since the construction at Windsor Run, Erickson Living’s first North Carolina community began building “up,” the sales staff also witnessed a dramatic increase in the number of people reserving the first homes at the community. More than 70% of the 216 apartment homes in the first phase of construction are reserved.

“For months construction focused on site work and foundations,” says Windsor Run Director of Sales Tom Senger. “While important, this type of construction did not lend itself to the same sort of excitement we see now that the buildings are moving up, or going vertical. For the first time, it’s possible to envision what Windsor Run will look like and how it will fit into the landscape of Matthews, N.C.”

Priority list members Jack and Jean Riley drive by Windsor Run every week.

“We really enjoy watching all the buildings take shape,” says Jean. “At this point we can even see our apartment at Dogwood Place. We are so excited and can’t wait to move in.”

Reaching for the sky

“To date, exterior construction at the Woodland Commons Clubhouse is topped out and Dogwood Place and Sycamore Square are not far behind,” says Senger. “Construction framing continues in earnest in each building, and important utility work is being performed throughout the site. Thanks to the dedication of our general contractor, The Whiting Turner Company, Windsor Run is on target to open in the spring of 2018.”

As a result, this summer, Senger and his sales team are busier than ever meeting with prospective residents and hosting special events for reservists and priority list members.

“Our reservists are having a wonderful time meeting their soon-to-be neighbors as well as leaders within Erickson Living,” says Windsor Run Sales Counselor Marlene Victorine. “We recently completed a four-part series on the various unique aspects of the Erickson Living lifestyle, including dining, finances, our on-site medical center, and our realty and moving services program.”

Later this summer, Windsor Run reservists will enjoy the opportunity to help plan the community’s first dining menus.

“We appreciate the opportunities to learn as much as we can about our new home, and in doing so, meet our new neighbors,” says Jean. “In fact, at a special event at Christmas, we met someone who went to the same school as Jack did in Georgia.”

Next steps

For those considering a future at Windsor Run, both Victorine and Senger suggest scheduling a pressure-free visit this summer.

“Our visitors really enjoy sharing in the excitement that comes with watching a community come to life,” says Victorine. “For some, that means making the decision to move into one of our first homes and becoming a pioneer resident. For others, it means joining the priority list and reserving a future home. The right decision is the one that is right for you.”

Reprinted with permission from ericksontribune.com.  If you would like information about Windsor Run, the Erickson Living community in Matthews, NC, please contact a representative at 1-800-357-4492.