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To Clean or Not To Clean

To Clean or Not To Clean

By Carol Buie-Jackson ~

Many customers are already on their second batch of bluebirds, so it is a good time to remind you NOT to clean out the bird houses between broods.  Mrs. Bluebird will put a fresh layer of pine straw on the old nest and she will start laying eggs again.

If you take out the old nest, she has to start all over again, and it may encourage her to look elsewhere for housing.

If the nesting box is particularly messy, infested with insects or if there are dead babies or unhatched eggs, then you probably should clean it out using water and a stiff bristled brush.  No chemicals should be used at all.

One of the best parts about the second and third broods is that the juveniles from the first hatch will help the parents feed their new siblings, so you get to enjoy the whole family!

About the author: Bird House on the Greenway on Rea Road and Wildology at Waverly are owned and operated by Carol Buie-Jackson and Jay Jackson. Both have been avid birders and wildlife enthusiasts for more than 30 years and are more than willing to share what they know about the local birding community. You can contact Carol at carol@greenwaybirdhouse.com.