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“Connecting Families – Sustaining Tradition” at Shalom Park

“Connecting Families – Sustaining Tradition” at Shalom Park

by the CharlotteSeniors.com Editorial Staff ~

The faith community in Charlotte is rich and vibrant. The birthplace of Billy Graham, the home of the Billy Graham Library, and the headquarters of the AME Zion Church, faith is in Charlotte’s DNA. Not to be overlooked is the Charlotte Jewish community, also very active and vibrant. A hub for Jewish life is Shalom Park on Providence Rd.

According to the Foundation of Shalom Park website, the Shalom Park campus is comprised of five major partners: Temple Beth El, Temple Israel, the Jewish Federation of Greater Charlotte, the Sandra and Leon Levine Jewish Community Center, and the Foundation of Shalom Park. In addition, the campus houses Jewish Family Services, Temple Israel Religious School, Temple Beth El Religious School, Consolidated High School of Jewish Studies, Charlotte Jewish Preschool, Charlotte Jewish Day School, Center for Jewish Education, Moishe House, Hebrew Cemetery Association, B’nai B’rith Youth Organization, and the Charlotte Jewish News.

The following informational synopses are gleaned from the partner organizations’ websites. You can visit each organization website here.

The Foundation of Shalom Park is a 501(c)(3) non-profit agency that owns and manages the properties and facilities for most of the organizations that are located on the central campus of Shalom Park.

Temple Beth El is a welcoming and spiritual Reform congregation, providing opportunities for all those who wish to engage in Jewish life through prayer, study, and social action, while supporting each other in times of joy and sorrow.

Temple Israel is a sacred community that strives to inspire all to enjoy meaningful relationships with each other, the broader community, Torah, and God through traditional and innovative expressions of Judaism.

The mission of the Jewish Federation of Greater Charlotte is to raise and distribute funds to support and enrich the lives of Jews locally, nationally, in Israel and worldwide. Through education and community building, the Federation’s mission ensures that Jewish values, goals, traditions, and connections are preserved for current and future generations.

Located on a secluded 54-acre campus in the heart of South Charlotte, the Levine Jewish Community Center is a family-oriented, vibrant facility where you can feel a sense of community and belonging. From our state-of-the-art fitness center to our expansive athletic fields and courts, from our sports programs for youth and adults to our arts activities – the Levine JCC can offer you a place to maintain a healthy lifestyle, build relationships, and engage in activities for all ages.

What about visiting? The Foundation’s website says, “[T]he 54-acre campus of Shalom Park provides a welcoming environment, not only for the local Jewish community, but for the entire Charlotte metro area as well, with an array of educational, religious, recreational, entertainment, cultural, and community service offerings. With no equivalent concept found anywhere in the nation, Shalom Park stands as a preeminent example of community-based organization cooperation.”

So, visit the campus with friends and family to experience another facet of the Charlotte community of faith.

Aerial photo courtesy of the Foundation of Shalom Park.