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Senior Living in the Indian Land Panhandle

Senior Living in the Indian Land Panhandle

For those who live in Sun City Carolina Lakes (SCCL) and Treetops, both active adult communities in Indian Land, South Carolina’s Lancaster County Panhandle, life just keeps getting better. Yes, development is heading our way, which means increased traffic congestion, but along with development also comes the trappings of civilization. Here are just a few examples:

Grocery Shopping

Indian Land has a Publix, Harris Teeter, Food Lion, Aldi’s, Walmart Supercenter, and the new kid on the block – Lidl.  Harris Teeter is accessible to SCCL by golf cart.


In addition to numerous primary care offices in and around the Panhandle, CVS has a Minute Clinic, and Doctor’s Care Urgent Care in front of Publix has walk-in appointments. There are also dentists, an orthopedic office, an ophthalmologist, and several other pharmacies. Many of these offices are in the Carolina Commons shopping plaza, again, accessible by golf cart to SCCL residents, or they are just across Hwy 521 from Carolina Commons. The Panhandle also has an EMT station, which means emergency medical help is only moments away from both Sun City and Treetops.


The Panhandle isn’t Mayberry, but it can sure feel like it. It isn’t unusual to bump into officers from the sheriff’s department or even the sheriff himself. There is a branch station in Indian Land. One of the deputies is a frequent guest speaker at Sun City Neighborhood Watch meetings.  The good news for seniors in the Panhandle is help is close if you need it. The bad news is you had better not speed because you will get stopped, especially in the school zone near the Indian Land schools.

Local Government

Speaking of Mayberry, many of us who have lived in the Panhandle for almost a decade have had to contact county offices for one reason or another. We all find it odd when the official at the office we are calling answers the phone. Not a secretary. Not an assistant. But the official herself or himself. And if you happen to leave a voice message, the official calls you back.  And they are polite. Not just Southern polite in the “Bless your heart” way either, but really, no kidding professional and helpful. If you have not experienced this yet, trust me, it’s a weird feeling. Like walking onto the set of a Hallmark movie. My wife and I have noted to each other on several occasions, “We’re not in DC anymore.”

Recycle and Yard Waste

Yes, we pay substantial HOA fees in our active adult communities, fees that are supposed to include yard maintenance; however, we all seem to be doing more yardwork than we ever have. And yardwork means yard waste. The trash company won’t take it. You Panhandle oldsters remember the “Recycle Center” on Jim Wilson Rd, which the county closed because of the housing development. Then it was either the Fox Hole just above Walmart on the North Carolina side or the Race Track just above the city of Lancaster.  Now, bless their hearts, the Panhandle has a modern and convenient recycle center on Northfield Dr. off of Hwy 521. It’s the same ol’ boys running the operation, but they are truly helpful guides who will direct you through the maze of open containers – metal here, appliances there, and yard waste yonder. There is no need to wait until the end of the month to get the yard waste out of those moldering Lowe’s paper bags stacked in your garage. And since you are going to the recycle center anyway, take your old paint and dead batteries. One more thing, the recycle center is just a bit farther down Northfield Dr. than you think. When you feel like you may have missed it, drive about another quarter mile. It’s on the left.  Be ready to be impressed. I know, ladies. Being impressed at a dump is a guy thing.

We didn’t talk about recreation (golf) and restaurants, which we have written about in other articles. Yes, we are all grumbling about the increasing traffic congestion in the Lancaster County Panhandle, but with the traffic comes welcome services and conveniences, making the Panhandle a great destination for retiring seniors.

About the author – Bob Poliquin and his wife have lived in Sun City Carolina Lakes since 2008. Bob is the managing editor of CharlotteSeniors.com as well as an editor for Living @ Sun City Carolina Lakes magazine.