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Two Easy Recipes for Seniors

More Recipes for Two Seniors can be found at latelifemusings.blogspot.com BREAKFAST BATTER This recipe is good for both waffles and pancakes, and takes little time to whip up. Of course, it serves 2. Here goes: Preheat your waffle iron or griddle, and meanwhile, in a 2-cup Pyrex measuring cup or similar thing, add and whisk […]

Cooking for Two Seniors

By Lee Johnston ~ Except for state occasions, get-togethers, and holidays, most of us seniors are now cooking for two, some even for one. As seniors, we’re usually eating less at each meal, and sometimes we even just “graze” on what’s handy. Whereas, for example, we would once eat a whole chicken breast each, we’re […]

Carolina Rice

By Lee Johnston ~ Do you remember the radio jingle for Carolina Rice? You must sing this in your head with a sultry, Southern female drawl: I come from Carolina so pardon my drawl. I’m here to mention long grain rice to y’all. It makes rice fancy eating – tasty and so nice. For quality […]