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Part II – Adopting Older Cats

There is nothing cuter than a kitten, which makes kittens much more adoptable at shelters than grown cats. And cats older than three years become increasingly difficult to adopt out. You are older yourself now, perhaps on your own, and would really like a companion animal. But face it, do you want to make what […]

Winter Residents

by Carol Buie-Jackson ~ The cooler weather and shorter days have prompted the migrating birds to do just that…migrate to their wintering grounds. We are getting reports that the white-throated sparrows have arrived. These beautiful birds with their distinctive call breed up north, but come down here to spend the winter with us. Some customers […]

October Is Owl Month!

By Carol Buie-Jackson ~ Maybe it’s because of Halloween… Maybe it’s because the owls will start getting more active… Maybe it’s the October chill that’s coming (fingers crossed)… Whatever it is, October puts us in the mood for OWLS! And we hope these pictures, from one of our customers, will help put you in the mood, […]