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Homemade Pizza: Nailed It! 

by: Bob Poliquin You saw something beautiful. Tried to recreate it. And failed spectacularly. We have all seen the Pinterest memes with the photo of what something is supposed to look like juxtaposed with the photo of how it actually turned out – “Nailed it!” the caption reads. I guess if you are going to post your failures on social media, you must have […]

Here Come the Bugs

by Jeanette Oesterlin  Spring is here and Here Come the Bugs! Or at least that is what many of you are thinking. Ijust watched the story of Rachael Carson’s life. Carson was the author ofSilent Spring. She was one of the first to declare garden chemicals unsafe and to remind her readers that we need to live […]

Sun City’s Social Singles

by Bob Poliquin Not everyone living in active adult communities is married. Many residents are, in fact, happily single, single again, or widowed but still socially and physically active. The Sun City Social Singles is not only alliterative but fun as well. With over 250 members, the Social Singles is among of the largest and […]

Gift Ideas under $50

Gift Ideas Under $50 by Eric Graziano It’s that time of year again. Time to purchase gifts for the ones you love in your life. Grandchildren can be tough to buy for, So, what shoud I get Tommy? I know he likes tech gadgets like headphones and video games. Or maybe Susie? She’s very athletic […]

Voice Activated Home-Assistants

Voice-Controlled Home Assistants by Bob Poliquin Voice-activated gadgets are the rage in our active-adult community, with the Echo Dot being the least expensive toy of choice.  Everyone wants to show everyone else the latest trick “Alexa” can perform.  What sold my in-laws was that the Echo Dot has home assistant functions like turning lights off […]