Game On!

Game On!

Everybody loves bluebirds, right? What sort of heartless soul doesn’t thrill to catch a glimpse of these iridescent birds?

So beautiful, in fact, that they inspire what we call the “Bluebird Wars.” Neighbor turns against neighbor. Daughters will sell out their mothers. Uncles are getting up at the crack of dawn to sneak outside and offer a bowl full of juicy mealworms in hopes that the bluebirds will pick their nest box instead of that tacky contraption across the street.

And if you really want bluebirds, mealworms are indeed the ticket. These larvae of darkling beetles (so not really “worms” at all), are irresistible to bluebirds and most other songbirds during the nesting season. Chock full of protein, mealworms are a great way to entice birds to your garden and keep them coming throughout the nesting season. Exhausted bird parents will appreciate the easy meal because hunting for insects can be a challenge and baby birds need a lot of protein to build muscle. So, a dish of juicy mealworms is most appreciated!

If you are competitive and love bluebirds, grab yourselves some delectable mealworms and tell your neighbors: GAME ON!!!

About the author: Bird House on the Greenway on Rea Road and Wildology at Waverly are owned and operated by Carol Buie-Jackson and Jay Jackson. Both have been avid birders and wildlife enthusiasts for more than 30 years and are more than willing to share what they know about the local birding community. You can contact Carol at