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Five Things to Do with Your Grandchildren this Autumn

Five Things to Do with Your Grandchildren this Autumn

By Bob Poliquin, Managing Editor ~

There are many fun things you can do with your grandchildren in the fall. In fact, Considerable.com lists 99!  Here are five ways to make autumn memories together.

Go to a Corn Maze

A corn maze is great fun as long as everyone understands beforehand that solving the maze is not nearly as important as being together on a beautiful fall day. And then, when that fails within moments of entering the maze, just enjoy being outside in relative proximity to your grandkids. Both times we took our middle school granddaughters to a maze, they saw the flags, heard other kids laughing and saw them running, and that was it. Gone. My wife and I enjoyed ourselves as we ambled through the maze, catching glimpses of the girls as they teamed up with other kids. The larger, more established annual maze operations, like the Amazing Maize Maze in Huntersville, NC, provide a well-organized, safe experience for kids, parents, and grandparents.


We buy Carowinds annual passes for our granddaughters, which is, by the way, a can’t-miss gift for Charlotte-area grandchildren. Our suggestion, since SCarowinds runs on most Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from late September through late October, is to let your grandkids go with their friends first to get it out of their system, and then let the kids take you. Otherwise, you may find yourself very alone at a haunted amusement park full of teenagers, which, honestly, I can’t think of anything more frightening.

Leaf Peeping

Yep, it doesn’t get more cliché than that. Perhaps make reservations at a cabin in the mountains, pick out some trails to walk, and enjoy a quiet weekend full of colorful mountain tops, cool crisp air and endless outdoor fun. Greenville and Blowing Rock are both great destinations, only a few hours away.

Beach Weekend

Having grown up at Camp Lejeune, NC, (my father was a career Marine), I loved Onslow Beach on cold fall days. Sometimes the weather cooperated, but even when it didn’t, there was nothing like walking along the desolate shore. Again, this is another opportunity for a family technology intervention. Leave the technology home. Play cards and board games. Build a fire. Talk. Don’t talk. Grab a blanket. Sit on the beach at night. Smell the air. Listen to the waves. Think about all the scary things out there in the water. Enjoy being together.

High School Football Games

This is another activity fraught with relationship danger. Do you remember going to your children’s high school football games? If you had a kid playing, you weren’t overly concerned about with whom you sat. But if you were going to a game where your children were spectators, the last people they wanted to sit with was you. Well, that hasn’t changed in a generation. This activity comes with an agreement up front. Your grandkids are taking you to a game, which means they willingly and joyfully spend a Friday night with you as their date. And you know the rules, Grandpa: If they talk to their friends, don’t try to be funny or cool. They don’t care that you have Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars on your Pandora playlist.

So, here are just a few ideas for fun ways to spend time with your grandchildren this fall. There are many more. So, make holes in your schedules for each other, and make memories part of your legacy.

Featured photo by Veliko Karachiviev.