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Five “Cultural” Things to Do Locally with Your Grandchildren

Five “Cultural” Things to Do Locally with Your Grandchildren

Grandparents are always looking for fun things to do with grandkids, and I’m not trying to be snooty here, but introducing younger grandchildren to a little culture can only benefit them.  Tell me you don’t remember the first time you heard a violin or a cello in a live performance. I was embarrassingly old when I heard my first professional orchestra.

Sharing cultural moments locally with our granddaughters has been a pleasure. To see them dressed up, sometimes wearing my wife’s earrings and pearls, is a joy. It introduces them to the visceral and intellectual pleasures of the fine arts as well as to the grownup world where jeans and tennis shoes are not appropriate attire. It also broadens their life experience by introducing them to music, live theater, and ballet, in addition to teaching them important lessons about how to dress and behave in formal settings.  

Here are five cultural places and activities to enjoy with your grandchildren:

  1. The Children’s Theatre of Charlotte is one of the top theatre and education organizations for young people in the United States, providing children and families with imaginative productions and educational programs. Their 600+ performances a season are more than any other theatre company in the state.
  2. Winthrop University offers many low-cost performances. You can check for music, theatre, and dance performances at Winthrop’s College of Visual and Performing Arts. In fact, many of the faculty and student music performances are free. Ticket prices for most other performances run between $10-$15. A great value.
  3. UNC-Charlotte offers a variety of performances as well, including architecture and art galleries, music, dance, and theatre. There are even performances specifically for children. Check the Home page of College of Arts + Architecture for dates and details.
  4. Blumenthal Performing Arts has something for every member of the family at any age: Broadway, dance, comedy, film, music, and theatre. Many of the performances are “Family friendly.” Blumenthal Performing Arts is not a single venue but a complex of buildings and theatres. Tickets start at $25.
  5. The Charlotte Symphony usually performs at either the Belk or Knight Theatres in the Blumenthal Performing Arts complex. They offer the classic standards like Handel’s Messiah to Brahms v. Radiohead to music specifically for ages six and up.

There you have it. From the Bigs to the Mediums to the Littles (but not too little), Charlotte has something for you and for your grandchildren of all (most) ages.

by Bob Poliquin, Managing Editor