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Emmet’s Social Table in Waxhaw, NC

Emmet’s Social Table in Waxhaw, NC

by Bob Poliquin, Managing Editor ~

If you are looking for something a little different in dining – in a good way, not in a strange way – Emmet’s Social Table in Waxhaw is the answer. The food is outstanding and very reasonably priced. But how is that different from other good restaurants in the area? Well, everything you order is meant to be shared: pork belly tacos, German beef sliders, ice cream cones. Everything. That’s the social part.

You hear a lot of “Oh!”s around the table from diners visiting for the first time because it does seem odd to order sliders from the menu (because you really want sliders) but then find out you are supposed to share them with others in your party. Likewise, they share their order. What you get is an opportunity to eat a little bit of lots of good food rather than just your own club sandwich or whatever.

So, how do the mechanics of this “social” meal work? It’s like this: The orders come out already divided into reasonably-sized portions, just as if you were dividing a meal among two or three people. Your dinner plate is flat, like a trivet, which is what I thought my plate was.  I thought they would put a hot plate on my trivet plate, but the trivet is the plate. Then, after the food arrives, things get divided up. A great part about this is the initial order is just that, the beginning of things.  “Oooh,” you might think a few minutes into the meal, “I would like to try the pan-seared tenderloin with cheesy croquettes and red pepper coulis.” Although you have no idea what croquettes and coulis are, you order them for the table and keep on rolling. We had eight people in our party.  Everyone left satisfied. We had no leftovers.

Emmet’s is not a shared experience in eating; it’s a shared experience in dining. We all agreed we would be back for the food, the outstanding service, and the prices.

By the way, Emmet’s is in the restored Mill in Waxhaw. You can’t eat ambience, as the saying goes, but the building and grounds are just as marvelous as everything else. We are lucky to have it on our end of town and such a short drive away.

Photo courtesy of Emmet’s Social Table