Blah to Modern! 

Blah to Modern! 

By Rita C. Arundell ~

You’re right, I am not “with it.” My children tell me I need more modern “devices.” I don’t have a mobile device, and I don’t want one. My life is just fine without all of today’s newest additions. I’m not sure they make life better. They do make things more expedient, but faster isn’t always better…or friendlier. 

Take mail. Recently I came across a folder with letters written by my mother, my father, friends (some of whom are still alive), and my children when they were young. Some letters dated back twenty years. It was such a pleasure to read what they had to say to me so many years ago; it brought their issues back in a special way. Who can say that about email? Sure, you get to read a short message right away, but folks don’t talk about their daily lives, their problems, their pleasures. Suppose Abigail and John Adams had computers. We probably wouldn‘t know anything about them and the issues they were dealing with if they had used email. 

And texting? That’s a way to avoid talking to people. I’m sure a text message is okay when you can’t reach folks, but it’s not a friendly way to get in touch with people. Have you ever been at a restaurant where folks texted folks who aren’t there? What about the people who are there? Doesn’t the texter owe the people at the table some of his or her attention ? 

As for phones, I do have a cell phone, but I ask people not to use it unless they’re desperate. By the time I figure out where the phone is, and get to it, the caller is gone. Use my home phone, I tell them. I know where that is. 

An article in the AARP The Magazine said that Americans are not living as long as people in many other countries, suggesting that our suicide, alcoholism, and drug rates are taking too many lives. Perhaps if we just slowed down, talked to people, and enjoyed life a bit more, those rates would go down. Instead, we rely on our less-friendly, labor-saving devices to save time.  

Hey, what do I know.? I’m an old lady who is not with it. But, I’ve made it to 86 without any major problems (or devices). How are you doing?

About the author: Rita Arundell is a resident of Sun City Carolina Lakes and a frequent contributor to Living @ SCCL magazine where this article was originally published. Thank you, Rita, for allowing us to share your article with our readers.

Featured photo by Debby Hudson.