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Lennar’s 55+ Tree Tops

Our vision as a magazine is to be a resource for the needs and desires of the Charlotte 55+ community. An important part of that vision is promoting Charlotte as a retirement destination. Large community development corporations like Pulte and Lennar already understand where this real estate train is heading and are investing vast sums of […]

Carolina Orchards: An Age-Restricted Community for Active Adults

An age-restricted community refers to a neighborhood where at least 80% of residents must be 55 or older. An active adult community is a breakthrough idea in the real estate market, a new type of community that offers independent, relatively maintenance-free living. Many residents will continue to work while living in an active adult community. […]

Part II – Adopting Older Cats

There is nothing cuter than a kitten, which makes kittens much more adoptable at shelters than grown cats. And cats older than three years become increasingly difficult to adopt out. You are older yourself now, perhaps on your own, and would really like a companion animal. But face it, do you want to make what […]

Part I – Being a Foster Parent to Cats

Will Feral is our young feral cat. The vet estimated Will’s age at seven or eight months when we took him in. After we finally caught Will last January (2018), the vet wasn’t sure he would live. He made the long journey back to health, both physically and mentally, from seven pounds of hair and […]

Winter Residents

by Carol Buie-Jackson ~ The cooler weather and shorter days have prompted the migrating birds to do just that…migrate to their wintering grounds. We are getting reports that the white-throated sparrows have arrived. These beautiful birds with their distinctive call breed up north, but come down here to spend the winter with us. Some customers […]

Editorial – Sun City Carolina Lakes Remembers the Pittsburgh Shooting Victims

by Bob Poliquin, Managing Editor ~ It wasn’t long ago that we were all heartbroken over the shooting victims at Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston. Now it’s Pittsburgh. The Sun City community gathered on the evening of November 1 to remember the victims of the synagogue shooting. When I heard about the Pittsburgh shooting, I […]

Why Seniors Are Going Back to Flip Phones

Just when your children and grandchildren thought they had trained you up on your Android phone or Apple iPhone, you opt to go back to a flip phone (or dumb phone as the youngins call it). But there are good reasons either to return to a flip phone or to just keep or maybe update […]

Hockey for Halfbacks

by Bob Poliquin, Managing Editor ~ According to one over-simplistic source, hockey is a sport where two teams playing against each other maneuver a puck into the opponent’s goal using a hockey stick. A halfback, on the other hand, is a person originally from the northeastern U.S. who retired to Florida only to move “halfway […]

America’s Code Girls: Female Codebreakers and Their Wartime Service

by Michael G. Williams ~ When it comes to World War II code breaking, few names are bigger than Bletchley Park. Located in the south of England, this legendary facility housed Great Britain’s Government Code and Cypher School and, more importantly, the teams of young female code breakers who cracked the German Enigma cipher. Their […]

Are You Overmedicated?

by Lisa M. Davila, B.S.N., M.S. ~ According to a 2017 report from the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, one in three Medicare beneficiaries has five or more chronic conditions. So it’s no surprise that 40% of adults over age 65 take five or more medications, according to a study published in the Journal of […]

How to Access Your Medical Records Online: Part of Being Your Own Healthcare Advocate 

By Carole Miller, BSN ~  In our Sun City Carolina Lakes location, there are primarily two healthcare providers: Atrium (formerly Carolinas HealthCare System) and Novant (Presbyterian). You may have medical records in one or both of these systems. Unfortunately, they do not share online information, but you as a patient do have the ability to access […]

F. W. Woolworth 5¢ and 10¢ Stores

By Nick Suhr ~ Every few years as the holidays approach, I think about growing up on West 22nd Street in the part New York City called “Chelsea.” One of my memories is the Woolworth five-and-dime store on the corner of Eight Avenue and 23rd Street. It was a special place. It had everything, even […]


By Amanda Fowler ~  Whether you’re attending NUTCRACKER for the first time as a family, or coming back for your holiday tradition, everyone shares a common goal: make it memorable, meaningful and fun. Easier said than done? Not at all! With planning and preparation plus a few practical tips, each member of your family can discover […]

Age-appropriate Toys for Seniors

There was a commercial on tv recently about grownup toys. The difference they said from kid toys is that grownup toys are much better and much more expensive. In that many retired seniors finally have discretionary time and money, there is a lot of truth in that. In no particular order, here are just a […]

Rosalind Franklin: DNA Pioneer

By Greg Douglas ~ During the first half of the twentieth century, research was underway on the chemistry and structure of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), the molecule of life. The proteins that make up the DNA molecule were understood but how they come together created several competing theories among scientist. One of these scientists was Rosalind […]