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A Magazine for Seniors by Seniors


Charlotte Seniors is an online magazine focused on the interests and needs of the Charlotte metro area’s 55+ community. We are written for seniors by seniors.

When it comes to our interests, the day arrives when we finally accept that we have lost a step or two. In golf terms, although it is still fun once in a while to “play from the tips,” it’s time to move up a tee box. We have earned it. We enjoy eating and drinking casually, but we also appreciate (and can afford) the occasional exquisite meal in an exquisite setting. We know what the word “ambiance” means without having to Google it. We are, nevertheless, earnestly staring into the bucket of our bucket list. There are things we want to try: Zip lining at Blowing Rock. A hot air balloon ride. And, perhaps, God forbid, skydiving. Why not? To paraphrase Pope Francis when he told his security detail that he would no longer ride in the bulletproof Pope Mobile: “I’m old. I don’t have that much to lose.”

And when it comes to our needs, what we need in our 50s is much different from we what we need in our 70s, but we had better be thinking about our 70s while we are still in our 50s. As we age, doctor visits become part of our routine rather than something we put off, once again, until next year.

We are looking at active-adult, independent living, and assisted living communities in a different light as well. No more basketball hoops in driveways, skateboards down the sidewalk, school buses going through the neighborhood nine months a year. Perhaps it’s just time to “right size” the house and the yard or get to one level before we need to.

There are so many advantages to living in the Charlotte metro area for seniors. For those of us who moved here from up North, our snow shovels conveyed when we sold our house; for those who relocated from the much hotter South (Florida), moving halfway back isn’t half bad; and for those who moved here from the hurricane-swept coast, this is the place we would evacuate to rather than evacuate from.

Charlotte is also a major airline hub! We can fly anywhere, and our friends and family can easily fly here. We have access to several major healthcare systems. We have culture, sports, mountains, beaches, and moderate to non-existent traffic congestion.

The bottom line is that, for seniors, Charlotte is already a great place to live and still getting better.

Welcome to our magazine. Welcome to Charlotte.