Bethlehem Steel Corporation  (1857 – 2003)

by Bob Gloor ~ Bethlehem Steel began its story on April 8, 1857, as the Saucona Iron Works in South Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. On May 1, 1861, the company changed the name to Bethlehem Iron Works, and in 1899 it changed its name again to the Bethlehem Steel Company. In its early years the company produced railroad […]


Juanita Wood – Chinese Lantern Festival Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

About the photographer: Juanita Wood is a resident of Sun City Carolina Lakes and a frequent contributor as a writer and photographer to Living @ SCCL magazine. These are only a very few of the amazing photographs Juanita took at the festival. Thank you Juanita for sharing them with our readers. You can see more […]


The Reality Behind Home Maintenance Costs

Meghan Streit ~ When you make your budget in retirement, you would never forget to include your main housing expenses, such as your mortgage, property taxes, and utilities. But do you have enough set aside to cover repairs and routine maintenance? If you’re like many homeowners, the answer is probably no. In fact, a 2018 […]


Cruising the Fjords of Norway

By Bob Gloor ~ Established by the Norwegian government to facilitate travel along Norway’s long, jagged coastline, the Hurtigruten Cruise Line was founded in 1893 to sail along Norway’s western and northern coast between of the southern city Bergen and the northern city of Kirkenes, 1374 nm away (1600 miles). Hurtigruten ships sail almost the […]


Benefits of Music Therapy for People with Dementia

by Lisa M. Davila, B.S.N., M.S. ~ Music therapy as a professional specialty didn’t come about until after World War II, when musicians visited veterans hospitals to entertain the patients who were dealing with physical and emotional trauma. Hospital staff noticed the significant positive responses by patients—both physically and mentally—and requested that the musicians be hired […]


How Should You Respond to Wild Swings in Financial Markets?

What’s going on with the financial markets? Specifically, what’s behind the price swings of the past several weeks? And, more important, how should you, as an individual investor, respond? To begin with, the recent volatility was not really all that extraordinary. The daily drops pushed U.S. stocks down about 10% from their recent record highs, […]