Here Come the Bugs

by Jeanette Oesterlin  Spring is here and Here Come the Bugs! Or at least that is what many of you are thinking. Ijust watched the story of Rachael Carson’s life. Carson was the author ofSilent Spring. She was one of the first to declare garden chemicals unsafe and to remind her readers that we need to live […]


Gift Ideas under $50

Gift Ideas Under $50 by Eric Graziano It’s that time of year again. Time to purchase gifts for the ones you love in your life. Grandchildren can be tough to buy for, So, what shoud I get Tommy? I know he likes tech gadgets like headphones and video games. Or maybe Susie? She’s very athletic […]


Ask an Expert – Charlotte’s Active Adult Communities

Reid Baxter is the owner of The Baxter Team, the top performing real estate team in Sun City Carolina Lakes, and the winner of Indian Land’s “Best of The Best” award three years in a row. Although Reid and his team can and do represent the full range of real estate expertise and experience, they […]


Travel – From the Jump Seat

I’m guessing by this point in our senior lives, all of us have flown on passenger planes, and many of us fly more for leisure than we ever have.  But have you noticed that airlines have been in the news lately, and not necessarily in a good way?  We thought it would be interesting and […]


Seniors and Exercise:  Part 1 – Walking

As we age, we lose that proverbial first step somewhere in our 50’s and then the second step in our 60’s.  And other problems come with old age and high mileage: bad hips, creaky knees, painful feet, an aching back.  What is especially noticeable during the summer months at the pool is how many of […]